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Thursday 20 June 2019 9.00 - 10.30
A-1 GLM26 Regulating Race, Work, and Migration in the U.S. Empire
Chair: Naoko Shibusawa Organizer: Julie Greene
Discussant: Naoko Shibusawa
Eiichiro Azuma : Japanese Agricultural Labor Program: Guest Worker Importation, Cold War Cultural Diplomacy, and the Politics of Race among Japanese Americans
Moon-Ho Jung : Imagining a Red Pacific: Anticolonialism, Anticommunism, and the U.S. Empire
Mary Lui : Onieta of the Arks: Overlapping Labor Migrations of Asian Agricultural Workers and Female Sex Workers in Early 20th Century California

B-1 GLM11 Gendered and Racialized Bodies on the Move: South Korea's Experience with Transnational Labor Migration
Chair: Seung-kyung Kim Organizer: Seung-kyung Kim
Discussant: Jae Kyung Lee
Changhye Ahn, Na-Young Lee : The State Role in Creating Migrant Women’s Vulnerability: Interplay between Labor Migration and Prostitution Policies in South Korea
Yonson Ahn : The Managed Hearts of ‘Yellow Angels’: Korean Nurse Guest Workers in Germany
Seonok Lee : Making of a New “Underclass”: Racialized Foreign Migrant Workers in South Korea

C-1 GLM21 Mobility Strategies, Transnational Migration and Labour's Power
Chair: Devi Sacchetto Organizers: Gabriella Alberti, Devi Sacchetto
Discussant: Gabriella Alberti
Zinovijus Ciupijus, Chris Forde : 'Regulating Labour Mobility'? Exploring the Roles Played by Meso-level Mechanisms in Shaping Migrants' Access to Paid Employment on a Local Level
Olena Fedyuk, Tibor Meszmann : Ladders or Snakes? Job Quality Assessment of Temp Workers from Ukraine in Hungarian Electronics
Devi Sacchetto, Gabriella Alberti : Theorising Labour Mobility Power through the Lenses of Migration

D-1 GLM02 An Appraisal of the Migration Industry in Migration Governance
Chair: Evelyn Ersanilli Organizer: Liberty Chee
Discussant: Evelyn Ersanilli
Joseph Anderson : Outsourcing the State: Security Studies and the Migration Industry in the US and Malaysia
Liberty Chee : 'Supermaids': Hyper-resilient Subjects in Private Spaces of Insecurity

Thursday 20 June 2019 10.45 - 12.15
A-2 GLM19 Managing Mobility: Labor Migration and the Military in Africa, the Philippines, and the Caribbean
Chair: Julie Greene Organizer: Julie Greene
Discussant: Julie Greene
Justin Jackson : Military Mobilities in the Work of American Empire: The U.S. Army, Labor, and Migration after 1898
Michelle Moyd : Making Armies: Colonial Military Recruitment as Labor Migration in East Africa, 1870-1900

B-2 GLM23 Radical Migrations: People and Ideas on the Move
Chair: Scott Nelson Organizer: David Marquis
Discussant: Lara Vapnek
Reynolds Hahamovitch : The Storm of Revolution – Jewish Anarchists in New York City and the 1905 Russian Revolution
David Marquis : "They're all Union": Migrants, Radicalism, and Violence in the Southern Pines
Niall Whelehan : Irish Land Reform and Argentine Anarchism: John Creaghe and the Irish Diaspora in Late 19th Century Argentina

C-2 GLM13 Global Migration Governance and Migrant Workers' Rights: Antecedents, Constraints, and Implications
Chair: Nicola Piper Organizer: Charlie Fanning
Discussant: Neha Misra
Charlie Fanning : From the ILO to Intergovernentalism: the Ideological Roots of the Modern Global Migration Regime
Jill Jensen : ‘Labor Surplus’ Economies in the Developing World: The World Employment Program and Migration for Employment
Nelson Lichtenstein : NAFTA Politics and Mexican Migration to the U.S. in the 1990s

D-2 GLM14 Identity Formation and Circuits of Mobility in the Age of Post-Slavery Indenture
Chair: Cristiana Bastos Organizer: Nicholas Miller
Discussant: Virginia Dominguez
Cristiana Bastos : Latitudes of Indenture: Portuguese Islanders in Post-Abolition Guiana Plantations and in Hawai'i
Nicholas Miller : Circuits of Labour Ideologies: Go-betweens and the Suriname-Hawai'i-Tahiti Nexus of Indenture, 1865-1869
Marcelo Moura Mello : Madeiran Indentured Labour, Emancipation and Plantation Life in 19th Century British Guiana

Thursday 20 June 2019 13.30 - 15.00
A-3 PLE00 Plenary: Global Governance and Regulation
Chair: Ratna Saptari Organizers: -
Discussants: Eileen Boris, Judy Fudge, Michelle Leighton

Thursday 20 June 2019 15.15 - 16.45
A-4 GLM20 Global Migration and Labor Solidarity
Chair: Matt Garcia Organizer: Leon Fink
Discussant: Matt Garcia
Sonia Hernandez : Legacies of Mexican Migration and Transnational Labor Activism
Mae Ngai : Chinese Gold Miners and Labor Solidarity 1850-1910
Mahua Sarkar : Between 'Home' and 'Abroad': the Precarious Mobilities of Transnational Contract Work

B-4 GLM25 Regulating Labour Migration: Crossing Experiences in the French and British Empires, 1830s-1940s
Chair: Nelson Lichtenstein Organizers: David Leconte, Sara Legrandjacques, Louise Moschetta
Discussant: Cindy Hahamovitch
David Leconte : The First Regulations of the Indentured Migrations in the Indian Ocean: Tensions within and between the British and French Empires
Sara Legrandjacques : Pre-labour Migrations? Regulating Student Mobility from India and Indochina (1850s-1930s)
Louise Moschetta : Im(mobile) Migrants: Regulating Indenture in British and French Guiana in the Second half of the Nineteenth Century

C-4 GLM03 At the Nexus of Asylum and Labor Market Policies
Chair: Leo Lucassen Organizer: Ruth Wasem
Discussant: Heidi Gottfried
Yael Schacher : Not Natural or Automatic: Work Authorization for Asylum seekers in the United States in the 1970s and 1980s
Marlou Schrover : Refugee migration and labour market participation from a historical perspective: the Netherlands 1900-now
Ruth Wasem : The Struggle for Fairness

D-4 GLM04 Chance or Choice? The Serendipities of Labour Migration
Chair: Elzbieta Gozdziak Organizer: Ida Tolgensbakk
Discussant: Bridget Anderson
Elzbieta Gozdziak : "It was such a coincidence": the Role of Serendipity and Agency in Labour Migration
Marie Louise Seeberg : Life is what Happens while you are Planning other Things
Ida Tolgensbakk : "I was just going to be here a Couple of Months": on Decision-making among Scandinavian Seasonal Workers

Thursday 20 June 2019 17.00 - 18.15
A-5 PLE01 Keynotes: Global Labour Migration Past and Present
Chairs: - Organizers: -
Discussant: Leo Lucassen
Bridget Anderson : About Time Too: Mobility and Temporality in Precarious Labour Markets
Donna Gabaccia : Migrant Labor from Above and Below: Historical Perspectives

Friday 21 June 2019 09.00 - 10.30
A-6 GLM12 Global Migration and State Regulation
Chair: Leon Fink Organizer: Leon Fink
Discussant: Leon Fink
Katherine Benton-Cohen : The Dillingham Commission, Immigration Regulation, and the Administrative State
Cindy Hahamovitch : The Protector of Immigrants: The British Empire, the Coolie Trade, and the Failure of the World's Biggest Anti-Trafficking Effort
Lara Putnam : A Child's History of Border Regimes: State Regulation and Kinship Consequences in the British Caribbean

B-6 GLM24 Rebuilding Working-Class Solidarity: the Power of Migrant Labor in Chinese Societies
Chair: Jenny Chan Organizer: Ngai Pun
Discussants: -
Julie Ham : Reconfiguring Family in Domestic Work Labour Migration
Xiaotian Li : In Search for Worker Subjectivity: Working in the Chinese Internet Industry
Lin Lin : "Craftsman's Spirit" without the Glory of Migrant Labor? National Discourse, Technology and Class Reproduction in Vocational Schools in China
Ngai Pun : Towards a Micro-Foundation of Working-Class Youth Solidarity: the Case of China

C-6 GLM06 Colonial Labor I Race/Ethnic Conflict
Chair: Andreas Eckert Organizers: Heidi Gottfried, Julie Greene
Discussant: Andreas Eckert
Felipe Bastos : Historical Intersections between Ethnicity, Migrant Labor and Anti-colonialism in Mid-twentieth Century East Africa (1950-1960)
Micheline Lessard : Deserters, Vagrants, and Rebels: Criminalizing Migrant Workers in French Colonial Indochina
Ulrike Lindner, Oliver Tappe : Dirty Coolies or Asian Workers as Threat? Indentured Labour and Racism in Colonial Africa and Asia

D-6 GLM15 Inter-territorial Migrations and Mobilities in the Wider Caribbean and the North Atlantic
Chair: Jorge Giovannetti Organizer: Jorge Giovannetti
Discussant: Nancy Mirabal
Ismael Garcia-Colon : The Threat of 'Thin-Lipped Negro Hybrids' to Agriculture: Puerto Rico's Farm Labor Migration in the Context of Global Capitalism
Jorge Giovannetti : Before the North Atlantic Migrations: British Colonial Labor Management in Cuba and the Dominican Republic in the 1940s
Dalia Muller : Stateless in an Age of Empire: Migrants and Refugees from Cuba in the Americas During a time of Transition, 1898-1902

Friday 21 June 2019 10.45 - 12.15
A-7 GLM36 Work and Migration: the Legal Construction of Exploitation
Chair: Judy Fudge Organizer: Judy Fudge
Discussant: Judy Fudge
Katie Bales : Underpaid and unfree? Captive Labour in immigration detention
Fay Faraday : Deconstructing Trafficking: Building Migrant Women's Rights
Prabha Kotiswaran : Reproductive Travellers: The Regulation of Inter-state Migrant Domestic Work in India

B-7 GLM01 (Dis)Empowerment, Gender and Entrepreneurship: a Critical Perspective on Researching Immigrant Women
Chair: Katarina Keane Organizer: Magali Alloatti
Discussants: -
Magali Alloatti : Rethinking (Dis)empowerment: A Critical Reflection on Theory and Methodology in the case of Immigrant Women's Entrepreneurship
Penelope Ciancanelli : Securitising Immigration: Neo-Liberal Finance and Household Reproduction
Karin A. C. Johnson : Examining Immigrant Women's Economic and Social Empowerment through Migration and Self-Employment in the U.S.
Nicole Trujillo-Pagan : Researchers, Research and Development: Re-conceptualizing Entrepreneurship toward a New Commons

C-7 GLM08 Deportees and Refugees: Regimes of Power, Inequalities and Resistance in Contemporary Latin American Transnational Migration
Chair: Ulla Berg Organizer: Gioconda Herrera
Discussants: -
Ulla Berg : Detention Power as Migration Governance: Latin American Migrants and Refugees in US Detention Centers
Gioconda Herrera : Transnational Families and Post Deportation Lives in the Experience of Migrant Indigenous Families between Ecuador
Ninna Nyberg Sørensen : Human Mobility in Times of Crisis and the Value of Trespassing Concepts

D-7 GLM07 Colonial Labor II
Chair: Mae Ngai Organizers: Heidi Gottfried, Julie Greene
Discussant: Mae Ngai
Husseina Dinani : Colonial Authority, Gendered Mobility, and Regionalism in British Southern Tanganyika
Bastiaan Nugteren : Labor Migration in a Colonial Context: Chinese Labor Migrants in the British Straits Settlements and the Netherlands East Indies

Friday 21 June 2019 13.30 - 15.00
A-8 GLM28 Regulatory Strategies for Ensuring Decent Work for Migrant Workers: the Value and Limitations of Sectoral Approaches
Chair: Joo-Cheong Tham Organizer: Joo-Cheong Tham
Discussant: Joo-Cheong Tham
Sarah Marsden, Leah Vosko, Eric Tucker : Federal Enforcement of Migrant Worker Workplace Rights in Canada: A Case Study of British Columbia and Ontario
Christina Stringer : Decent Work for Migrants in the Fisheries Sector
Joo-Cheong Tham, Iain Campbell : Temporary Migrant Workers in Australian Food Services: Developing a Multi-Pronged Response to Combat Precariousness

B-8 GLM10 Gender, Migration and the Work of Care: Multi-Dimensional Perspectives
Chair: Ito Peng Organizer: Ito Peng
Discussant: Donna Gabaccia
Aranka Vanessa Benazha, Michael Leiblfinger & Veronika Prieler & Jennifer Steiner : “Truly Legal”? Justification Narratives of Transnational Live-in Care in Germany, Austria and Switzerland
Reiko Ogawa : Making of the 'Migrant Care Workers'in East Asia
Ito Peng, Jeremy Davison : Views on Immigration in Japan: Identity and Pragmatism

C-8 GLM05 Citizen Work: Gender and the Making of Migrant Social Rights
Chair: Robyn Muncy Organizers: Emma Amador, Radhika Natarajan
Discussant: Robyn Muncy
Emma Amador : From Social Work to Community Organizing: Labor Migration and Welfare Politics in the Puerto Rican Diaspora
Elise Franklin : The 'Algerian Woman'? After the Oil Shock: Gendering Labor and Social Welfare in the 1970s
Radhika Natarajan : Migrant Welfare and the Communal Politics of Citizenship in Postwar Britain

D-8 GLM16 Interdisciplinary Approaches to Military Labor
Chair: Patrick Chung Organizer: Colleen Woods
Discussant: Patrick Chung
Darryl Li : Mercenaries and Morality: Migrant Military Labor in the Trucial States
Adam Moore : Compensating Empire's Labor
Colleen Woods : Occupational Hazards: Pacific Security and Filipino Labor in the Age of Decolonization

Friday 21 June 2019 15.15 - 16.45
A-9 GLM30 Sex Work, Border Work, Migration, and Crime in the Modern Americas
Chair: Magaly Rodríguez García Organizer: Elisa Camiscioli
Discussant: Magaly Rodríguez García
Elisa Camiscioli : Pimps, Traffickers, Mobility, and Crime in the French Atlantic World
Grace Delgado : Intimate States: the Origins of the Commerce (Clause) in Sex in the Deportation of Immigrant Prostitutes from the US
Jessica Pliley : Investigating Sex Trafficking, Deporting Sex Traffickers, Expelling Immoral Women: the Enforcement of Anti-Trafficking Measures along the US-Canadian Borderlands

B-9 GLM33 The Limits of Protections for Migrant Workers across Australia, Asia and the Pacific
Chair: Sonya Michel Organizers: -
Discussant: Sonya Michel
Jenny Chan : Express Delivery, Male Rural Migrant Labor, and Platform Capitalism in China
Heather Moore : Modern Slavery Legislation: Solution, Sensation, or Just a New Start? Implications and Opportunities for the Australian Modern Slavery Act
Shih Joo Tan : Migrant Domestic Workers: Exploring Agency, Exploitation and Security in Singapore and Hong Kong

C-9 GLM09 Gender, Deskilling and Migrant and Refugee Skills
Chair: Nathan Lillie Organizer: Eleonore Kofman
Discussant: Ursula Mense-Petermann
Eleonore Kofman : Gender, Skilled Migrants and Deskilling
Karin Scherschel, Anna Krämer : Labour Market Participation of Highly Skilled Female Refugees - Empirical Evidence in Germany
Johanna Ullmann, Helen Schwenken : Gendered Knowledge in the Labor Market Inclusion of Skilled Female Refugees in Germany

D-9 GLM17 Labour Circulation and Precarity in the Long Term: Perspectives from India
Chair: Jan Breman Organizer: Chitra Joshi
Discussant: Jan Breman
Chitra Joshi : Informalisation, Precarity and Rhythms of Circulation’
Prabhu Mohapatra : Technological Transformation and Migration Flows: The Global and the Local
Samita Sen : Gendering Migration: the Long Twentieth Century

Friday 21 June 2019 17.00 - 18.15
A-10 PLE02 Plenary: Global Labour Activism
Chair: Annelise Orleck Organizers: -
Discussants: Massimo Frattini, Arcenio Lopez, Ho Yin Michael Ma

Saturday 22 June 2019 09.00 - 10.30
A-11 GLM07 Doing Family in Transnational Labor Migration?
Chair: Helma Lutz Organizers: Anna Amelina, Helma Lutz
Discussant: Anna Amelina
Loretta Baldassar, Raelene Wilding : Digital Kinning: the Role of Distant Care Support Networks in Ageing
Majella Kilkey : (Im)mobility in Selective and Competitive Migration Regimes: Discourses and Policies on Ageing Parents
Valentina Mazzucato : Women in Transnational Families

B-11 GLM27 Regulatory Strategies for Ensuring Decent Work for Migrant Workers
Chair: Joo-Cheong Tham Organizer: Nicola Piper
Discussant: Joo-Cheong Tham
Sayomi Ariyawansa : Exploitation and temporary migrant workers in the Australian agriculture sector
Nicola Piper, Matt Withers : South-South Migration and Decent Work: Global Union Strategies for Fair Wages
Helen Sampson : ‘Beyond Borders’: the Regulation of the Living and Working Conditions of International Seafarers

C-11 GLM32 The Care-Migration Nexus: A Global and Comparative Perspective
Chair: Eileen Boris Organizer: Sabrina Marchetti
Discussant: Sabrina Marchetti
Katherine Maich : Migration, Geopolitics, and Law: Logistics of Specificity and Universalism for Domestic Workers
Marlene Seiffarth : The impact of internal migration processes on paid domestic work in Brazil
Feng Xu, Kendra Strauss : Eldercare Workers in Shanghai and Vancouver: an Essential yet Invisible Labour Force in Two Aspiring Global Cities

Saturday 22 June 2019 10.45 - 12.15
A-12 GLM34 Transnational Placement Agencies for Migrant Care-Workers - Actors in a Global Market
Chair: Helma Lutz Organizer: Helma Lutz
Discussants: -
Brigitte Aulenbacher : Caring Entrepreneurs, Black Sheeps and People, who want to stay at Home. Austria’s 24-h Care Reloaded
Pei-Chia Lan : Negotiating Care Culture and Ethnic Difference: Recruitment and Training of Migrant Care Workers in Taiwan and Japan
Sabrina Marchetti : Care-intermediaries: Brokers and Agencies as Key Players in the Transnational Recruitment of Caregivers
Karin Schwiter : Capitalising on Gender, Ethnicity and Mobility: the Role of Transnational Placement Agencies for Live-in Elder Care Workers in Switzerland

B-12 GLM35 Unravelling Cuba: Rethinking Race, Gender, Labor, Sexuality, and Cuban Migration Histories and Experience
Chair: Nancy Mirabal Organizer: Nancy Mirabal
Discussant: Gioconda Herrera
Karina Cespedes : Pinguero Palestino: Hunger and Duality in Havana's Borderlands in Post Soviet Cuba
Gema R Guevara : The Unintended Consequences of la Trata Amarilla: Chinese Indentured Servitude and Cuban Racial Formation in the Mid-NIneteenth Century
Nancy Mirabal : Imperial Migration, Moving North under Empiree: Afro-Cuban Migration, Labor, and Activism in New York City, 1902-1945

C-12 GLM18 Low-Wage Migrant Workers' Access to Workplace Rights: a Remedy for Labour Abuse and Exploitation
Chair: Elspeth Guild Organizer: Elspeth Guild
Discussant: Elspeth Guild
Muhammad Ala Uddin : Slavery, Sex, and Remittance: Exploring the Plight of the Bangladeshi Women Migrants in the Middle East
Bjarney Fridriksdottir : Systematic Discrimination against Low Skilled Migrant Workers in the Middle East
Bernard Ryan : From Labour Migration to Employment Law Reform

D-12 GLM22 Posted Workers in Europe
Chair: Eleonore Kofman Organizer: Eleonore Kofman
Discussant: Eleonore Kofman
Dries Lens, Ninke Mussche & Ive Marx : The Integration of Posting and Third Country Labour Migration into the Single European Labour Market - a Portrait of New Migration and Mobility Patterns in the EU
Nathan Lillie : A Comparative Analysis of Union Responses to Posted Work in Four European Countries
Ursula Mense-Petermann : Transnational Labour Markets and their Regulation – the Case of Eastern European Service Contract Workers in the German Meat Industry

Saturday 22 June 2019 13.00 - 14.30
A-13 PLE03 Plenary: Global Labour Migration: Prospects for the Future
Chair: Joo-Cheong Tham Organizers: -
Discussants: Helma Lutz, Prabhu Mohapatra, Ngai Pun, Leah Vosko

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