Showing: Thursday 20 June 2019 10.45 - 12.15 (single time slot)
Thu 20 June
    9.00 - 10.30
    10.45 - 12.15
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    15.15 - 16.45
    17.00 - 18.15

Fri 21 June
    09.00 - 10.30
    10.45 - 12.15
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Sat 22 June
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    13.00 - 14.30

All days
Thursday 20 June 2019 10.45 - 12.15
A-2 GLM19 Managing Mobility: Labor Migration and the Military in Africa, the Philippines, and the Caribbean
Chair: Julie Greene Organizer: Julie Greene
Discussant: Julie Greene
Justin Jackson : Military Mobilities in the Work of American Empire: The U.S. Army, Labor, and Migration after 1898
Michelle Moyd : Making Armies: Colonial Military Recruitment as Labor Migration in East Africa, 1870-1900

B-2 GLM23 Radical Migrations: People and Ideas on the Move
Chair: Scott Nelson Organizer: David Marquis
Discussant: Lara Vapnek
Reynolds Hahamovitch : The Storm of Revolution – Jewish Anarchists in New York City and the 1905 Russian Revolution
David Marquis : "They're all Union": Migrants, Radicalism, and Violence in the Southern Pines
Niall Whelehan : Irish Land Reform and Argentine Anarchism: John Creaghe and the Irish Diaspora in Late 19th Century Argentina

C-2 GLM13 Global Migration Governance and Migrant Workers' Rights: Antecedents, Constraints, and Implications
Chair: Nicola Piper Organizer: Charlie Fanning
Discussant: Neha Misra
Charlie Fanning : From the ILO to Intergovernentalism: the Ideological Roots of the Modern Global Migration Regime
Jill Jensen : ‘Labor Surplus’ Economies in the Developing World: The World Employment Program and Migration for Employment
Nelson Lichtenstein : NAFTA Politics and Mexican Migration to the U.S. in the 1990s

D-2 GLM14 Identity Formation and Circuits of Mobility in the Age of Post-Slavery Indenture
Chair: Cristiana Bastos Organizer: Nicholas Miller
Discussant: Virginia Dominguez
Cristiana Bastos : Latitudes of Indenture: Portuguese Islanders in Post-Abolition Guiana Plantations and in Hawai'i
Nicholas Miller : Circuits of Labour Ideologies: Go-betweens and the Suriname-Hawai'i-Tahiti Nexus of Indenture, 1865-1869
Marcelo Moura Mello : Madeiran Indentured Labour, Emancipation and Plantation Life in 19th Century British Guiana

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