Showing: Friday 21 June 2019 09.00 - 10.30 (single time slot)
Thu 20 June
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Fri 21 June
    09.00 - 10.30
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Sat 22 June
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Friday 21 June 2019 09.00 - 10.30
A-6 GLM12 Global Migration and State Regulation
Chair: Leon Fink Organizer: Leon Fink
Discussant: Leon Fink
Katherine Benton-Cohen : The Dillingham Commission, Immigration Regulation, and the Administrative State
Cindy Hahamovitch : The Protector of Immigrants: The British Empire, the Coolie Trade, and the Failure of the World's Biggest Anti-Trafficking Effort
Lara Putnam : A Child's History of Border Regimes: State Regulation and Kinship Consequences in the British Caribbean

B-6 GLM24 Rebuilding Working-Class Solidarity: the Power of Migrant Labor in Chinese Societies
Chair: Jenny Chan Organizer: Ngai Pun
Discussants: -
Julie Ham : Reconfiguring Family in Domestic Work Labour Migration
Xiaotian Li : In Search for Worker Subjectivity: Working in the Chinese Internet Industry
Lin Lin : "Craftsman's Spirit" without the Glory of Migrant Labor? National Discourse, Technology and Class Reproduction in Vocational Schools in China
Ngai Pun : Towards a Micro-Foundation of Working-Class Youth Solidarity: the Case of China

C-6 GLM06 Colonial Labor I Race/Ethnic Conflict
Chair: Andreas Eckert Organizers: Heidi Gottfried, Julie Greene
Discussant: Andreas Eckert
Felipe Bastos : Historical Intersections between Ethnicity, Migrant Labor and Anti-colonialism in Mid-twentieth Century East Africa (1950-1960)
Micheline Lessard : Deserters, Vagrants, and Rebels: Criminalizing Migrant Workers in French Colonial Indochina
Ulrike Lindner, Oliver Tappe : Dirty Coolies or Asian Workers as Threat? Indentured Labour and Racism in Colonial Africa and Asia

D-6 GLM15 Inter-territorial Migrations and Mobilities in the Wider Caribbean and the North Atlantic
Chair: Jorge Giovannetti Organizer: Jorge Giovannetti
Discussant: Nancy Mirabal
Ismael Garcia-Colon : The Threat of 'Thin-Lipped Negro Hybrids' to Agriculture: Puerto Rico's Farm Labor Migration in the Context of Global Capitalism
Jorge Giovannetti : Before the North Atlantic Migrations: British Colonial Labor Management in Cuba and the Dominican Republic in the 1940s
Dalia Muller : Stateless in an Age of Empire: Migrants and Refugees from Cuba in the Americas During a time of Transition, 1898-1902

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